Monday, April 23, 2012

La belle France

Today, given the rain, I thought to update you, my lovely followers, on my travels thus far. Upon arriving in Paris, I was quite sad to find the city under a serious rainstorm. Nothing like that to make you want to stay in the hostel. But fortunately my travel fears were lessened when I met some great girls and we celebrated my first night here by making a name for ourselves. Oh and aparently my Frenh isn't too bad; I managed to get into a fight with a frenchman and he understood me! Anyways, next day was better, did a walking tour around Paris and got to see many of the sites- the Louvre is absolutely overwelming and the tower is most beautiful at night. My four days and nights in Paris were full and exciting- I didn't want to leave. The lst evening a friend and I tried to see an opera- major translation error on my part!! We bought tickets to 'La Petite Messe Solomnelle' which I translated as the little solemn mess rather than mass. The show was rediculous and naturally followed by too much drinking. Ah Paris.
Currently I am in Tours, at the heart of the Loire valley. Did a day bike trip with an Aussie chick down to a castle yesterday and if the weather's good tomorrow will go to another.
All in all things are good. More to come when the internet is free!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

6 days to go and counting...

If I were to rename myself, some translation of "Independent" would certainly find its way into my title. From my 9 year old self pleading to go to boarding school to my 19 year old self moving to New York City alone, I have always wanted to do things for myself. 

Which is why it is kinda funny that the idea of spending 4 months in Europe by myself makes the butterflies in my tummy dance the rumba. 

Don't misunderstand; I'm totally stoked to be going and am planning to have an incredible time, if for no other reason than to appease the many people who have already told me they are planning to visit Europe vicariously through me. But I can't help but feel like something's about to happen. Ya ya, cheezy I know, head off to Europe to find yourself and whatnot. But if you care to follow me along on my journey, I'll let ya know what's got the silly butterflies so excited.

Next Monday is Day 1- Off to Paris! More to come from the city of romance