Monday, April 23, 2012

La belle France

Today, given the rain, I thought to update you, my lovely followers, on my travels thus far. Upon arriving in Paris, I was quite sad to find the city under a serious rainstorm. Nothing like that to make you want to stay in the hostel. But fortunately my travel fears were lessened when I met some great girls and we celebrated my first night here by making a name for ourselves. Oh and aparently my Frenh isn't too bad; I managed to get into a fight with a frenchman and he understood me! Anyways, next day was better, did a walking tour around Paris and got to see many of the sites- the Louvre is absolutely overwelming and the tower is most beautiful at night. My four days and nights in Paris were full and exciting- I didn't want to leave. The lst evening a friend and I tried to see an opera- major translation error on my part!! We bought tickets to 'La Petite Messe Solomnelle' which I translated as the little solemn mess rather than mass. The show was rediculous and naturally followed by too much drinking. Ah Paris.
Currently I am in Tours, at the heart of the Loire valley. Did a day bike trip with an Aussie chick down to a castle yesterday and if the weather's good tomorrow will go to another.
All in all things are good. More to come when the internet is free!

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