Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My new favorite color? Burgundy

Hello my lovely people,
Sorry for the delay in writing-between being busy and lacking WiFi I've been all over!
Regardless things have been amazing. Today I took the train into Nice and it is soooooo beautiful. My little apartment is lovely and I could almost literally throw a stone into the water from my patio. This with a glass of Kid in my hand and life is good.
But to catch up the last little while: the end of my time in Tours was nice, a little rainy but ok. I saw my dream castle: Chenonceau. Totally white stone with this amazing long room that served as a bridge over a river. It was originally a ballroom, then in WW1 it served as a hospital and in WW2 it served as a way of smuggling people from occupied to free France. Amazing eh?
From Tours I made my way to Lyon, food capital. And oh, was it ever. Ate an amazing supper in a Bouchon Lyonaise and will never look at food the same! Alas, since then it's been back to my own fair as I cannot eat like a queen every day.
I could,however,drink like one. I most recently spent 4 days "a faire la degustation" aka wine tasting in Burgundy, the land of Chardonnay, pinot noir and ,apparently, Caddis. Needless to say I did a bit of wandering about drunkenly in the French countryside. Lol. Well worth it.
For anyone keeping track ive managed not to get permanently lost yet
Otherwise just pumped to see some familiar faces soon! Oh and one more exciting thing-looks like I'll be spending about a month in Italy, living with an Italian family and running a camp for kids learning English! Very neat. Plus I'll have evenings and weekends free to see the country.
Rightly, not much else to say, hope all is well. Off to watch the French presidential debates!

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