Monday, May 28, 2012

Family vacations vs. Solo travel

Well, it has been a while. No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth or been abducted by aliens. Rather I have been with the family. A few weeks ago my lil brother Dave came to join me for some fun in Nice and a few days in London. Ya know, it is way more fun watching Grand Prix cars, nerding out at The Harry Potter Tour and getting trashed by 12 at the Fullers brewery when you have someone to share it with. Not to say we weren't ready to kill each other at times, but I do approve of traveling with siblings.
The family expanded when we hit Venice and spent a week cruising in the Greek islands. Oh darn ;-) Mykonos is the most beautiful island ever I think and practically designed-if your city is very confusing then you enemies get lost and you can pour hot oil on them!!
The ship itself was lovely too and you'll all be glad to know I am sporting a nice tan. First time in years I think. And I have now climbed a wall 200 feet above the sea! Granted the wall was only about 20 feet itself but whatever.
Currently I'm in Dublin, awaiting the arrival or more family, having said goodbye to the rest in Venice this morning.
More updates as things happen!!
Oh, and for the curious ones, no final word yet on school in the fall. Soon I hope!!

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